How Does Basketball Affect Your Health

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Basketball is a fun game to play, as you can play it all alone by shooting hoops by yourself. Besides the enjoyment factor, basketball is the perfect way to keep your body in good shape. To give you an idea, as to how beneficial basketball is, we have compiled a list of health benefits associated with this game.

Improves your Cardiovascular Health

Basketball is an ideal way to increase your cardiovascular endurance. By playing a hard game, you can keep your heart rate up. This means that you can make your heart muscles strong and healthy. As a result, it will reduce the chances of heart-related diseases such as attacks or strokes.

Burns calories

While playing basketball, you run, jump, and move quickly to beat your opponent. All these activities help you to burn your extra calories. On average, you can burn almost 600 calories while playing a competitive game of basketball.

Strengthen your Bones

Basketball involves a lot of physical activity including Jumping and running. This helps to make your bones strong and healthy. Bones will grow properly and the muscles attached with the bones will also gain strength. Stronger bones aren’t easily breakable. Hence, during minor accidents, your bones will stay protected.

Boosts the Immunity

Physical activities help to improve the immune system of our body. This is the reason, basketball proves to be an effective way to keep your body healthy and away from common ailments. By playing this sport on a regular basis, your body will gain the required strength to fight against viral diseases.

Improved Mental Health

When playing basketball, you have to use your mind while keeping all your focus on the game. It is not only a physical game, but also a fast-paced mental game. According to some research on the mental health benefits of basketball, this game helps to enhance the attentiveness of the mind. It also helps to improve the cognitive performance of the brain. This means that if you want to sharpen your brain, basketball could serve as a viable option.

Enhances confidence

When you plan and implement your game strategies, it will give a boost to your confidence level. In addition, you will have more faith in your ability. This will improve your performance in almost every field of life.

Reduces Stress

By playing this game with your friends, you are actually socializing with them. This means that you can also share with them your psychological issues. As a result, you may decrease the stress level to its minimum. Moreover, if you are focusing on your game, nothing else will bother or distract you.

Better Hand-eye Coordination

While throwing a ball into the basket, you keep all your focus on coordinating your hands and eyes. Moreover, rebounding a shot also improves your reflexes. You have to think and react fast when dodging your opponent. If you learn these skills, you are actually improving your hand-eye coordination.

Helps to Learn Self-discipline

Just like any other game, basketball players have to follow some rules. This makes them disciplined and more civilized in other fields of life. By practicing self-discipline through sports like basketball, the players become more responsible.